Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin Liu is a Taiwanese born multidisciplinary artist who received her BFA and MFA in Film/Video at California Institute of the Arts. She comes from a background in literature and photography, and has developed her interests and practices in experimental arts, including 8mm/16mm/35mm film, mixed media, sound, audiovisual performance and installation. Exploring media languages and experimenting with materials and techniques, her works often are attempts to transcribe life events, self-reflection, and indexical experiences.

The question she always asked: if we believe it's true that each of us is a single self in the center of one’s own universe, no matter what age and profession we are, how can individuals extend themselves to connect to others, to enter a rather vast and complex universe?

Her creative writings: Write Across was published in 2008, TonSan Publications Inc., Sorrows of the Island was on the Finalists in Taiwan Literature Award 2011, The Couch won the Lin Yutang Literary Award 2011, and 日裸, Hsing-Hsin’s Poetry and Photography was published in 2013.

Her moving image works Close-ups (2014), Matryoshka (2015), How Old Are You? How Old Were You? (2017) and A Study of Fly (2018) have been screened at festivals internationally, including Helsinki Festival 2015 (Helsinki, Finland), Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2015 (Taipei, Taiwan), Ann Arbor Film Festival 2018 (MI, USA), Antimatter [Media Art] 2018 (Victoria, BC, CA), Slamdance Film Festival 2019 (UT, USA), San Francisco Cinematheque’s CROSSROADS Film Festival 2019 (SF, USA), Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019 (Scotland, UK), Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris 2019 (Paris, France). Close-ups won Jury’s First Prize at Women Make Waves Int'l Film Festival 2014. How Old Are You? How Old Were You? won the Jury Award at Ann Arbor Film Festival 2018.

She currently lives and works in the US.