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Neither Buddha Nor God_WebPDF_15.jpg
  • Artist statement:

    This film began when my father was diagnosed with illness and embarked up a long medical journey. All the exams, reports and scans referred to a life in the most accurate but also the most abstract way. What could these numbers and measurements say about a person? I thought of the origins of all, Buddha, God, mother and father; I wondered about the destinations of a life, rock, earth, fire and the ocean. As the medical report continues, this work meditates on the material side of a human body, whose flesh, organs and bones, and whose vulnerability, instability and fragility, occur within the larger scale of Life, Death, Age and Illness.

  • Artist statement:

    A Study of Fly, neither A Study of A Fly nor A Study of Flying. The fly in this film is both a noun and a verb, an analogue and a metaphor, and a state between life and death. The entire work was done with optical printer and hand processing. In the last passage you will see a CT scanned image of 1000-year-old buddha statue, inside which a real human body was discovered, mummified in a lotus position. It was a Buddhist monk who as he was dying decided to have himself sealed inside the statue. Was he trying to reach a state between human and buddha? Seeking a status between life, preserved life, and the afterlife? Shall we fly?

  • Artist statement:
    How Old Are You? How Old Were You? is a piece about me and my mother. My mother and I had been apart not very long after I was born. At the time we reunited, which was 30 years later, she told me she always feels there is a hole in her body. The image of the hole stuck in my head, and this is where the film got started. The film shot with camera obscura interplays with multiple temporalities, which are, my life and my mother's life in the present, the past where I was in the womb while my mother was facing out the world in her twenties.